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Welcome to Madonna Moore's Academy of Dance


Classes We Offer

Lacing Up Shoes

Classical Ballet

A traditional, formal style of dance which focuses on grace, athleticism and set movement patterns and positions.  

Students who study classical ballet will learn and practice set exercises each week from the ATOD syllabus.

Young Dancers
Break Dance Crew
Dance Performance


Combination Modern Dance

Students who learn "Jazz" will get to experience a wide range of dance styles including traditional jazz/theatre dance, hip hop and contemporary.

Due to our town's low population, we are unable to offer these classes individually and so have created a combination class.  As the teachers get to know their students and their preferences, classes will be tailored toward the style/s that are most popular.

At all times movements and music will be age appropriate.  

Classes will take the format of a warm-up followed by individual dance-step practice, then students will work on a choreographed dance.

Dance class

Pre-School Dance

Students who take this class will focus on gross and fine movement patterns through the use of nursery rhyme dance, obstacle courses and free dance to stimulate their creativity.  Parents are encouraged to join in with their Pre-schooler in this family friendly class. 


Phone:  0417775494


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